How much are lost key / Parking Remote /Mailbox keys at Zephyr?

If the guest loses all of the keys, we charge $500 to replace the keys and change the lock, plus an administrative cost. To maintain the safety and security of our guests and their valuables, we change the locks in accordance with the building code.

As a standard, we provide two sets of keys. If a guest asks an additional key, we check the inventory with the operations staff and offer it at no cost if it is available. Otherwise, anything more than two sets of keys will be charged to the guest for ordering.


Replacement Costs are as follows: 

Parking sticker pass $100 + 30%admin and taxes

Replacement fob $100 + 30%admin and taxes

If a guest reports a missing key and needs a replacement, please remember to inquire and tag Sarah in the Vancouver group chat first. They usually have extras for the said building.

If  Sarah confirmed that no extra keys are available,
fob request has to be completed by the owner or their legal representative in order for a new fob to be issued.